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Face Mask Fashion vs. Function

The CDC now recommends people wear protective coverings at all times in public. As recently as 10 weeks ago, the Surgeon General kept insisting masks were not needed for healthy people. That was then, but oh how things have changed!

The first mask I sported was a buff. Being that I am an avid fly fisher woman, I had quite a few and they kept my ears warm on early morning hikes - but what a mess it makes of the hair. Second version was an ill-fitting, tie back with 3 layers of cotton made by someone in my neighborhood. It didn't cost much and part of the proceeds were donated the the charity of her choice - the "feel good" factor was a bonus. Her efforts were much appreciated but it hasn't held up well with repeated washings. And again, the hair thing. Now I have a soft, contour mask with thin, soft, comfortable elastic bands and a filter pocket (tho no filters). It's a pretty design with a honey bee - a nod to the cold wax and encaustic mediums I use in my paintings.

However, not everyone embraces the recommendation and some are outraged for not being served if they're not compliant despite the obvious benefits it offers to all present. Sadly, a life and death situation at times. But I say "come on people, let's make it fun". Let's make this safety precaution meant to protect us all, an opportunity for personal expression. Make your statement! Whether it be rage, oppression, pride or the love of a favorite pet - wear it out of respect for yourself and every other human you meet.

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