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Artist Statement: Bio

About the Artist...

     I intend for my work to direct the viewer to a place of possibilities away from the constant message of chaos and danger that bombards our daily lives, if just for a moment.  My paintings are meant to reflect the essence of nature's beauty surrounding us, and to present an alternative environment to an all too prevalent, imposed reality.  The versatility and stoutness of the oil and cold wax is the perfect medium to convey my message.

     I maintain a studio in Central Oregon where nature is an important influence in my work.  It drives me to explore the connection between the physical and metaphysical worlds and their transformative influences.  Nature's forms, textures, color and structures, along with the concepts of deterioration and regeneration fascinates me greatly.

     Vibrant color, texture and an underlying compositional structure, are elements I deliberately utilize to draw the viewer to my paintings.  The transformative process of changing an abstract underlying structure (thought) into a surface structure and the struggle verses elation I experience in the physical creation of a painting is what I think, resonates with the viewer.  The constant push/pull of moving in and out of an image while I paint is a metaphor for Mother Nature's ever changing landscape of the seasons.

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